Miscarriages of justice registry

Our miscarriages of justice registry contains information about people whose criminal convictions have been overturned because of problems with evidence or the interpretation of evidence at their trial. Many of these people spent years in custody before their convictions were overturned.

You can search for cases involving specific offences or issues and find details relating to each case. The registry also contains issues wikis which provide information relating to key identified causes of miscarriages of justice. These pages are still under construction, so if there is more information you would like to see, please let us know.

This information may be helpful if you are researching miscarriages of justice or if you believe you have been convicted of an offence that you did not commit.

The database has been compiled on the basis of extensive research, however is not comprehensive and there are many wrongful convictions that are not listed here, either due to a lack of available information or because they have not been discovered yet. If you know of a case that should be added to the database please let us know using our “Add a Case” function.