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The Evidence Based Justice Lab (EBJL) is an interdisciplinary research group specialising in behavioural and data science research. We apply our research to the legal system and legal arguments to address miscarriages of justice.

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We are based at the University of Exeter Law School, England. We undertake justice research and are published internationally. We have created a free searchable miscarriages of justice registry with details of U.K miscarriages of justice from over the last 50 years. Visitors can search for causes or particular offences using the interactive graph or case table. Information on each case is provided along with associated causes on our “wiki” pages. We also provide legal assistance to practitioners and defendants through out clinical projects.

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EBJL snapshot

Website launched march 2021

10k website views since project launch

visitors from over 60 COUNTRIES

1 advisory board with 8 members

June 2021 post office project launch

68% website visitor GROWTH over 2-months

upto 500 DAILY VISITORS since launch

REgistry with over 300 people acquitted following successful appeals

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