We conduct research aimed at effectively translating scientific findings into appropriate policy or legal regulation. This work involves considering scientific evidence, how that evidence interacts with overarching law and theory, and the likely impact of potential policy change on human behaviour and other outcomes of interest. Please contact us for more information on this work.

Dr. Helm has been involved in research teams in a number of areas in this context.

Examining proposals for the Child Parent Security Act surrogacy bill in New York State with clinic groups from Cornell Law School and the National Law University in Delhi.

Examining side-effects of poorly enforced sex-selective abortion legislation in India with Professor Sital Kalantry.

Critiquing regulatory approaches to fake news based on legal theory and evidence from communications and psychology with Professor Hitoshi Nasu.

Considering the legal and policy implications of current scientific research on anti-microbial resistance as part of the Exeter Anti-Microbial Resistance Network.