Collaboration with Practitioner Partners


We are happy to provide advice to practitioners or policy-makers who would like to use our data in legal case work or policy campaigns.

We also work on a number of projects with practitioner partners to ensure our work can benefit our community. In the clinic we work on:

The projects we are currently working on include:

1. Admissions in Children

We are examining decisions of young people to admit guilt, either to the police or in court, supported by our project partners at Transform Justice. We have conducted research into when and why children admit guilt, and the difficulties they may face in deciding whether to do so. Based on this data we are working to develop recommended model guidelines for the Law Society and also hope to develop resources to be used by the police when explaining relevant but complex concepts to children.

2. Evaluation of Testimony

We are drawing on insight from psychological research on memory and decision-making in order to understand how the probative value of testimony can be more accurately and consistently ascertained. We are also working with project partners to understand how they are currently assessing testimony and how best practice guidelines might be developed based on new research.


We are working with Clive Stafford Smith on a project examining and quantifying reliability of a variety of forensic science techniques used in court, and exploring their role in miscarriages of justice in the UK and USA. 


If you are interested in developing a collaborative project or think that our expertise could be useful to you, please complete the form below and we will get in touch soon.



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