Joseph Otoo

Years in prison:
Year of crime:
Year conviction was overturned:

Joseph Otoo was charged with armed robbery of a car hire depot in Manchester. Eyewitnesses identified Otoo as one of the robbers. The prosecution also relied upon the print of a trainer found near the supermarket in which the robbers had been hiding. This print was shown to match his trainers. Otoo claimed he was innocent and was being intimidated by the real robber who he had been made to swap shoes with. On appeal, the court concluded that DNA profiling of a trainer show gave powerful support to Otoo’s explanation that he had been forced to change shoes with another man. The profiling technique had not been available at the time of the trial.

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  • Offence: Robbery / burglary
  • Jurisdiction: England & Wales
  • County: Greater Manchester 
  • Ethnicity: Unknown
  • Gender: M
  • Years in prison: 3
  • Offence convicted of: Armed Robbery
  • Year of crime: 1995
  • Year of initial conviction: 1997
  • Year conviction was overturned: 2000
  • Age when imprisoned: 17
  • CCRC Referral: Y
  • Tried with others: N
  • Link to full case: Not available
  • Type of fresh evidence at appeal: DNA evidence
  • Compensation: Unknown
  • Crown argued case at CofA: Unknown
  • Retrial: Unknown
  • Previous appeals: Unknown