Dwaine Simeon George

Years in prison:
Year of crime:
Year conviction was overturned:

Dwaine George was convicted of the murder of Daniel Dale. A key part of the case was the discovery of gunshot residue on a coat found at his home. This evidence was supported by identification evidence. On appeal, new scientific evidence relating to gunshot evidence suggested that evidence of gunshot residue “does not now attract the value attributed to it at trial.” Evidence was introduced to suggest the number of particles found on George’s coat were so small so as to be at or near the level at which they could not be considered to have evidential value (this is because persons associated with firearm users might unknowingly pick up the odd particle of residue). An expert who had examined George’s coat considered very little by way of interpretation could be applied to finding such low levels of gunshot residue. The court concluded that the gunshot residue evidence may have been seen by the jury as providing independent support for what was weak visual identification evidence and weak voice recognition. Other evidence was not probative of involvement in murder. On this basis the court were not prepared to conclude that the verdict remained safe in light of the new material. The fresh evidence might reasonably have affected the decision of the jury and the conviction was quashed on that basis.

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  • Offence: Murder
  • Jurisdiction: England & Wales
  • County: Unknown 
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Gender: M
  • Years in prison: 12
  • Offence convicted of: Murder
  • Year of crime: 2001
  • Year of initial conviction: 2002
  • Year conviction was overturned: 2014
  • Age when imprisoned: 18
  • CCRC Referral: Y
  • Tried with others: N
  • Link to full case: https://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Crim/2014/2507.html
  • Type of fresh evidence at appeal: Evidence undermining forensic science
  • Compensation: Unknown
  • Crown argued case at CofA: Yes
  • Retrial: No
  • Previous appeals: Unsuccesful application for leave to appeal in 2004, unsuccessful application to the CCRC in 2005