Warren Blackwell

Years in prison:
Year of crime:
Year conviction was overturned:

Warren Blackwell was convicted of indecent assault. The complainant named him as her attacker, who she said assaulted her outside a social club. The heart of the case at trial was identification of the defendant, with the judge stating that there was no questions that the complainant was indecently assaulted in a gross and vicious manner. On appeal, evidence was introduced that gave rise to doubt that the complainant was the victim of an assault and that suggested her injuries may have been self-inflicted. She had previous convictions for dishonesty and made other allegations of sexual assault proved to be false. There was evidence in her medical and psychiatric history that indicated her evidence might not be credible. It was also shown that the Crown had also failed to disclose evidence on her previous convictions and relevant medical and psychiatric history. Based on this new evidence, the court concluded that the conviction was unsafe and the appeal should be allowed.

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