Dean Soloman

Years in prison:
Year of crime:
Year conviction was overturned:

Dean Solomon was convicted of raping two teenage models, aged 14 and 15 during a photographic and video session. Whilst he was being investigated in relation to further sex-related offences involving young girls, police found hidden at his home a video showing his sexual encounter with the two teenagers. Although indecent assault on underage girls was committed, the girls seemed to have consented and the purpose was making a pornographic film. His conviction for rape was therefore quashed.

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  • Offence: Sexual offences
  • Jurisdiction: England & Wales
  • County: Surrey 
  • Ethnicity: Unknown
  • Gender: M
  • Years in prison: 4
  • Offence convicted of: Attempted buggery, buggery, indecent assault, rape (x 2)
  • Year of crime: 1991
  • Year of initial conviction: 1993
  • Year conviction was overturned: 2007
  • Age when imprisoned: 37
  • CCRC Referral: Y
  • Tried with others: N
  • Link to full case:
  • Type of fresh evidence at appeal: Evidence relating to the reliability of complainant testimony
  • Compensation: Unknown
  • Crown argued case at CofA: Unknown
  • Retrial: No
  • Previous appeals: Two unsuccessful applications for leave to appeal in 1995.