Alexander Hall

Years in prison:
Year of crime:
Year conviction was overturned:

Alexander Hall was convicted of the murder of Lorna Porter. There was significant witness evidence against Hall which implicated him in the murder. On appeal, it was revealed that a key prosecution witness may have lied – his evidence being in conflict with that of other witnesses. It was thus held the conviction was unsafe and a retrial was ordered. Hall was found not guilty at the retrial.

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  • Offence: Murder
  • Jurisdiction: Scotland
  • County: Lanarkshire 
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Gender: M
  • Years in prison: 11
  • Offence convicted of: Murder
  • Year of crime: 1984
  • Year of initial conviction: 1988
  • Year conviction was overturned: 1998
  • Age when imprisoned: 33
  • CCRC Referral: N
  • Tried with others: N
  • Link to full case: Not available
  • Type of fresh evidence at appeal: Evidence relating to the reliability of witness testimony
  • Compensation: Unknown
  • Crown argued case at CofA: Yes
  • Retrial: Yes
  • Previous appeals: Unsuccessful appeal in 1989